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Training and innovation process facilitation

Learn innovation management best practices and redesign products, services and the way you influence your users.

Our workshops

1. Innovation Fast Foward

The Innovation Fast Foward is a one morning session hands-on workshop designed to help understand and experience the different user-centered design steps by working on a challenge for a real user.

Duration: 5 hours.

Ideal team size: 5-6 people.

Outcome: Achieve new perspectives to a problem and familiarize the team with the innovation methodologies.

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2. Innovation Training Program

The Innovation Training Program is a four days soft skills development training that focuses on the development of topics such as problem-solving, time-management, communication, teamwork and adaptability by experimenting the various principles and phases of the human-centered design methodologies.

Duration: 4 consecutive days

Ideal team size: 5-6 people.

Outcome: Achieve first solutions to a problem and low to medium fidelity tested prototypes.

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3. Innovation project

Our innovation projects consists in 8 non-consecutive workshops for C-level executives and business unit managers, willing to build an efficient and collaborative culture in support of the company goals development by learning innovation philosophies and methodologies and obtaining a tangible solution in the form of a prototype.

Duration: 8 non-consecutive workshops.

Ideal team size: 5-6 people.

Outcome: Achieve a solid solution to a big challenge and a medium to high fidelity tested prototype ready to develop and implement.

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